Flickering Container

This artwork is a old wooden, golden frame. I replaced the glass with chicken fence and plastic. The plastic has been heated so it is slightly melted. Underneath the plastic is mounted leaves on boards with LEDs underneath. The LEDs under the leaves glows in different colours while LEDs underneath the mounted leaves flicker on […]

Clock multiplier

This is a clock multiplier made for musical purpose, such as synthesizer/modular-systems or other things that would send out or receive 5v pulses. The current code is written for a ATTiny85, but should work fine on any Arduino etc. The program measures the time between each pulse input, and outputs a repeating pulse with an […]

TimeStep Sequencer

This is a sequencer made for controlling modular systems. It has 8 knobs controlling the time/length of each step and 8 knobs controlling the CV output for each step, generating interesting rhythmic patterns. The sequencer has a random mode, start/stop, two time-multipliers and a slide switch. The sequencer is based on a teensy 2.0 source […]

Noise Toolbox

This is a modular synthesizer build with focus on noise music or non-musical purpose. Using different effects, filters distortion etc. weird noise can be generated through feedback loops or external input. Overview The unit contains the following modules: 3 delay modules 3 distortion/wavefolds 2 tone controls 1 dual equalizer 1 3×3 matrix mixer 1 oscilator/LFO […]

4 Voice drone-machine

4 Voice drone-machine This is a drone machine consisting of four identical oscillators. Each oscillator can be tuned by two potentiometer; course and fine. A patch-bay on the instrument are used to cross modulate the different oscillators, through frequency divisions. The machine also have a tone-control and volume control for controlling the output. Schematics The […]

Video Synthesizer

Video Synthesizer The Testing module breaks out into each color-channel, horizontal and vertical -video sync. The picture coming from the tester can be changed using a gate signal trough an external mini jack. View this post on Instagram A post shared by @simonjuhl_ on Nov 8, 2018 at 9:09am PST Additional modules made from logic-chips, […]

Conductive Touch synthesizer

Conductive Touch synthesizer This is a polyphonic synthesizer made schmitt-trigger oscillators. Signals from each Individual oscillator is transfered through finger/flesh and into the mix. This also make it super noisy. The circuit for this projects is very simple. 12 schmitt-trigger oscillators are all connected to different copper-pads, which line up with copper-pads going to the […]

Electric Motor Synth/Drone

This is a homemade synth/drone is based on 4 tiny electric motors, each with 0-5v CV. An internal piezo amplifies the vibrations from the motors so the sound can be plugged into a mixer etc. Schematics Here are some more build pictures on instagram: Link Each motor is driven by an NPN-transistor in this case: 2N2222. […]